Complete Walkthrough to Create a WordPress Production Platform –

Warning: Draft Only, still work on this !!!

Read Me First: Platform is a selection of software to form a common WordPress based production platform.

This walk-through is a series of explicit step-by-step instruction to develop a WordPress based production platform. This document intended as learning points for beginner sysadmin and check list notes for experts.

If you are a web master, designer, blog writers, enterprise web admin, SME owner/manager, and you need a low cost system administrator to plan, create, secure, and maintain your WordPress production server, please contact us.

Version: 0.4 (Beta)
Use it at your own risk.

Last Update: 20161030
Should this document is not updated for more than 6 month, that means it has been abandoned.

Expiry Date: 20200101, unless override on each sections.
The expiry date will follow Debian8 end of cycle.

Creator and Maintainer:
Dominggo Ainaro ( for William Longsword Lab (

Who Should Read This Series, and Who Shouldn’t

  1. Read scope below this, if any word you dont understand, then you dont need to read further.
  2. Understanding the Scope of this Walk-through

    Its a walk-through for a well planned stable production WordPress Multisite on an hardened Debian 8 VPS / cloud server with MariaDB, PHP, on Nginx custom configured with PageSpeed and Naxsi.

    Walk-through only provide step by step instruction. Review and explanation of each software is not included. It will be describe in summary on Architecture Planning. We’re planning to create other series on platform selection in the future.

    We don’t provide any kind of warranty or support for this document.

  3. List of Our Standard Platform


    Installation walk-through performed on: Debian 8 on Digital Ocean Droplet. Same procedure should be work on AWS, Google Cloud, or other cloud instance / VPS with root privilege SSH access.

Walk-throughs Table of Contents:

  1. Architectural Planning

  2. Spawn a VPS server

  3. Debian 8 Initial Setup

  4. Installing LEMP on Debian 8

    1. Custom Built Nginx

    2. Activation of Nginx HTTP2 SSL with Certbot

    3. Add More Certbot HTTPS Domain License

  5. Install WordPress Multi-site on Debian8 Nginx

    1. Reinstalling Multisite WordPress

  6. Debian 8 LEMP-WordPress Security

  7. Basic WordPress Multi-site Setup

  8. General Maintenance Procedure

  9. TDMM Platform – WordPress Basic Setup

  10. Staging Site

Next Step for Typical Deployment:

  1. Ads Blog WordPress

  2. Membership Based WordPress

  3. E-commerce WordPress

  4. Database WordPress

  5. Website WordPress

    1. Profile

    2. Event

    3. Magazine


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