Spawning a New Server for WordPress

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  1. Cloud VPS subscription, recommended  Digital Ocean
  2. SSH Key generator, recommended Bitvise Tunnelier SSH Clients
  3. Editor, recommended Notepad++


Creating the VPS

Use Browser to:

  • [Create Droplet]
  • Choose an image: [Debian 8.5 x64]
  • Choose size: [$ 5/mo] (for test site)
  • Choose a data center region: closest to the audience
  • Select additional options:
    • [Private Networking]
    • [Backups] (20% additional price)
  • Add your new SSH Keys
    (note: using an existing / already registered SSH keys wont work 21/8/2016)
  • Create new SSH client Key, minimize the browser
    • Open Bitvise SSH Client
    • [Client Key Manager]
    • [Generate New]
    • Alogarithm: [SSH]
    • Size: [2048]
    • Passphrase: leave empty
    • [Generate]
    • Choose the new key on Bitvise key list
    • [Export]
    • Choose [OpenSSH Format]
    • Run [Export], save to file: digitaloceansshkey1
    • Open File Explorer – navigate to the file
    • Edit the file using editor
    • Select all (ctrl-a) and copy (ctrl-c) the Key
  • Back to Browser: [New SSH Key]
    • Paste the Key to SSH Key Content box
    • Fill in the Key Name: digitaloceansshkey1
      Same as the file name so that you could easily find the SSH Key file.
    • Run: [Add SSH Key]
    • Check that the new SSH Key is added and marked checked: digitaloceansshkey1
  • Choose a short hostname: dovps1
    Keep it descriptive, it will become console dash descriptor #>
  • [Create the Droplet]
  • Once its created, click on the new Droplet: dovps1
  • Copy the IP Address (IPv4)

Test Login to the VPS using SSH Client:

  • Open Bitvise SSH Client
  • Enter the new server IP Address – port 22
  • Username: root
  • Initial method: publickey
  • Client Key: Choose Key that you made (profile1), digitaloceansshkey1
  • [Login] – [Accept and Save]
    You should see console with descriptor: root@dovps1:~#
  • Create new password for root login:

    enter new password twice

Test Login to the VPS using DO Console Access:

  • Browse to your DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Choose the VPS: [dovps1]
  • [Access]
  • [Console Access]
  • On Digital Droplet Console, click once, then press any key
  • Login with root and the new password you enter above

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