Manage CentOS Cpanel Server


  1. Check new server
    yum history
    yum grouplist
    yum repolist all
    yum list installed | less
  2. Update server
    yum check-update
    yum -y update
  3. Install basic tools
    yum list mc
    yum search mc
    yum info mc
    yum install mc
  4. Create sudo user
    lid -g wheel
    adduser adminname
    passwd adminname
    usermod -aG wheel adminname
    su - adminname
    sudo mc
  5. Delete usersudo userdel username
    Also delete user’s homedir:
    sudo userdel -r username 
  6. Firewall
    sudo iptables save > file
    netstat -tulpn | less
  7. Update cpanel
    sudo yum update
    sudo /usr/local/cpanel/script/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 –run
    – ignore php tidy warning
    sudo /usr/local/cpanel/script/ucpc
  8. Basic cpanel configuration
    Check whether the system support quota
    cat /etc/fstab
    Server Configuration – Initial Quota Setup
  9. Upgrade cpanel
  10. Install php-mbstring (for phpbb, mybb, dotclear, reviveadserve, claroline)

    php -v      // check php version
    sudo yum search php-mbstring   // check package name
    sudo yum install ea-php56-php-mbstring

  11. Install ioncube (for WHMCS)




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